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Nadace ŽOP
Historie Nadace

Foundation history

The Foundation of the Jewish Community of Prague was established in November 1998, with the main mission of securing funds for the maintenance and the reconstructions of the cemeteries and synagogues outside Prague owned by the Jewish Community of Prague. This includes some fourteen synagogues and approximately 180 cemeteries with a considerable number of cemetery buildings, including morgues, cemetery sheds, ceremonial halls and sexton houses.

The JCP endowed the Foundation with the house in Maiselova Street N. 15. The revenues of this asset (the rent) serves to finance, in part, the renovation of Jewish monuments and to cover the part of the operating costs of Building and Cemeteries Administration of Matana, plc, related to maintenance and restoration of the above mentioned objects. These funds cover, obviously, the operation of the Foundation itself, as well as the necessary maintenance and reconstruction of buildings owned by the Foundation.

The Foundation of the JCP entrusted its real estate property to the care of Matana, plc. One part-time employee takes care of the legal duties and other necessary activities. By law, the Foundation is managed by the six-member Board of Directors and overseen by the three-member Supervisory Board. Members of both statutory bodies are elected each year from nominees proposed by the JCP Board of Representatives. Their term of office is three years: every year, the term of office ends for two members of the Board of Directors and for one member of the Supervisory Board.

According to its Founding Document and its Statutes, the Foundation launches a public competition to allocate grants twice a year. The invitation is published in the Rosh Chodesh monthly, with regular application deadlines on February 28 and June 30 of each year. So far, the JCP Foundation has been able to allocate CZK 8.5 million each year to reconstruction and maintenance of cemeteries and synagogues. Through grant competitions, according to the decisions of the Board of Directors, the Foundation has distributed additional CZK 600.000 each year. In this way, the Foundation has been supporting Jewish associations and civil associations, as well as cultural projects, especially books and film productions on Jewish themes.

While reconstruction, restoration and maintenance of Jewish monuments in the JCP ownership remains the permanent and basic task of the Foundation, the yearly grant competitions serve to finance short-term – usually 12 month - projects of the applicants. The maximum amount allocated in this way is CZK 50 000 per applicant in one round of the competition.

Tel: 222 311 570 (Tuesday, Friday)

Grant Competitions of the Foundation:

Grant competition calls, forms and results of the competition appear twice each year in the published documents of the Foundation of the Jewish Community of Prague.

Statutory Bodies and Contact Details of the JCP Foundation:

Board of Directors of the Foundation of the Jewish Community of Prague:

Chair: Miloš Pojar since 5. 11. 2011
Vice-chair: Richard Sidej
Members: Petr Brod, Tommy Karas, Barbora Rappaport, Jakub Roth

Supervisory Board:


Members: Michal Dostál, Alena Jelínková, Jindřich Svátek

Foundation of the Jewish Community of Prague, CRN: 25 70 33 40,
Residence: Maiselova 18, 110 00 Praha 1

Office: Jáchymova 3, Praha 1

Office Days: Tuesday and Wednesday

Contact: Jana Kosáková, Tel: 222311570, mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript
Bank details:
UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, Account number: 3888-009, Bank Code: 2700

Rozdělení nadačních příspěvků 2010/2
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Baševi                                     8.000,- Kč
ŽO Brno                               40.000,- Kč
FŽO ČR                                30.000,- Kč
ALL Music                            4.500,- Kč
Ondřej Klipa                         15.000,- Kč
Nakladatelství Triáda          30.000,- Kč
Museum Českého lesa         5.500,- Kč
Albatros                                50.000,- Kč
OIKOYMENH                      30.000,- Kč
Klub rodáků Kutné Hory   20.000,- Kč
Blanka Rozkošná                 17.000,- Kč
Adam Drda                           50.000,- Kč
Celkem                    300.000,- Kč