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The New Gesher

The Social Care Centre plans to establish a Community Family Centre, which should, above all, create a space where several generations can meet, where family and partnership relations can be strengthened and where educational and instructional programs take place.
The Center will operate in the three large club rooms on the premises of the Jewish Town Hall, Maiselova 18, Prague 1.

Regular Programs

Playroom for children - 2x a week playroom for mothers with children, with the possibility of mutual babysitting and, for parents, a talk with a psychologist

Programs for children: singing and English as Play

Basic computer skills for mothers and seniors

Gesher Coffee House –a gathering with coffee for all generations

English and German conversation


Ladies’ Club –where not only women can talk on such themes as education of children, marital and partnership life, looking for a job, dialogue among generations

Individual and couple psychotherapeutic counseling

Meetings of volunteers - volunteers’ nook

Evening with chess

A small bookcase of Czech and foreign literature for all

Irregular programs

Celebrations of Jewish festivals - fine arts and creative workshops

Birthday’s celebrations for seniors and shared birthday parties for children

Exhibitions and previews of the work of the kindergarten children

(We cooperate with the kindergarten Na Výšinách in Prague 7, with the Lauder Schools in Prague 2 and others)

Art Exhibitions of both beginning and experienced artists.

Other programs will depend on the activity and the demands of all members of the community. We will be pleased to hear your other ideas.

A social worker and a special pedagogue will administer the Center’s program together with external lecturers.