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EZRA Complex Home Care

Information for Those Interested in EZRA Complex Home Care

EZRA Complex Home Care – The Jewish Community of Prague

EZRA Complex Home Care (further CHC Ezra) is a non-state healthcare institution and a registered provider of social field services of personal assistance. Since 2002 it provides its clients with interconnected health and social care services in their natural social surroundings and according to their individual needs. The main aim of this complex care is to support and prolong the life of clients in their own environment, as long as it is possible and safe.

The Jewish Community of Prague (JCP) associates people of Jewish religion, nationality or descent. The JCP provides for the religious and cultural life of its members as well as their social needs.

The mission of the JCP includes providing, directly or indirectly, support and care services to those in need, services that allow them to live respectable lives according to their individual needs, with special attention given to the specific needs of Shoah survivors.

CHC EZRA provides an integrated form of social and health care, whose aim is:

  1. To correct acutely or persistently unfavorable living situations
  2. To foster autonomy, self-reliance and activation of clients
  3. To support the clients’ ability to live in their own home environment, as long as this is possible and safe

Principles of the services provided by CHC Ezra:
1. Everyone is entitled, free of charge, to basic social consulting regarding possible solutions to an unfavorable living situation or ways to prevent such a situation from ever arising.

2. The extent and the form of the help offered and support maintains human dignity of the clients.
3. The services are based on the clients’ individually determined needs and designed to stimulate their own activity.

4. The services foster self-reliance.
5. The services motivate to activities conducive to overcoming the unfavorable living situation.
6. The services foster social integration of the clients.

7. The services are provided in the interest of the clients, in such quality and in such ways that guarantee human rights and basic liberties of the clients-

For whom is the Complex Home Care designed?


The services are offered to those in need, to persons (clients) with limited self-reliance due to age, a chronic illness or a health challenge, whose situation requires the help of others. The complex of social and health services is provided to clients in their home environment and. Special attention is given the needs of Shoah survivors, former victims of Nazi violence, whose personal aims are founded in Jewish roots and Jewish traditions.

Content of CHC Ezra Services and Initiation of the Service:

Among the main methods to achieve the targets of the CHC are:

- Social care services - personal assistance (according to § 39 of the Law on Social Services, 108/2006 Coll. and the Decree Nr. 505, § 5)

- Home Health Care: professional health care with specialization 925

- Individual and Group Occupational and provision of compensatory aids

Content of services:
1. Social consulting
Social consulting provides persons in unfavorable social situations with the information they need to resolve their situation. The service includes basic consulting, mediation of contact with the social environment, therapeutic activities and help with advancing the client’s personal rights and claims.

2. Social services of the Personal Assistance include help with managing routine care of oneself, help with personal hygiene and household care, mediation of contact with the social environment and help with advancing one’s personal rights and claims.

The services may be indicated by a social worker, requested by a client or requested by their relatives or friends.

A social worker of CHC Ezra decides, together with the client, their relatives or friends, both on the initiation and the conclusion of the social care plan.

The process of initiating social care services:

A social worker visits the interested person in their own home environment to make, together with the client, an expert assessment of the client’s needs, recommends the content of services and drafts the service contract with CHC Ezra or arranges for the services needed with other providers.

3. Home Health Care is provided according to the indications of a general practitioner or an attending hospital physician or GP indication; as long as CHC Ezra is able to accommodate them.

The Head Nurse of CHC Ezra initiates and concludes an individual care plan together with the client and according to the requirements of the physician who indicated the care.

A general practitioner or a hospital specialist in the hospital recommends care and determines, on Service Voucher no. 06, the content and the extent of necessary health care. After this voucher is presented to the CHC Ezra Head Nurse, a nurse visits the client to agree with him or with her on a definite nursing plan.

4. Occupational Therapy is provided based on the recommendation of an attending physician or of the specialists – the Head Nurse or a social worker – of CHC Ezra.

An occupational therapist inquires at the client’s home to assess their needs, to suggest a plan of care and to recommend appropriate compensatory aids.

Capacity of Services Provided:
The total capacity of CHC Ezra depends on the extent of services provided to each client. Multiple clients alternate during a day and during a month in using the services. Were the capacity of CHC Ezra fully exhausted, potential clients requesting services are informed of other social and health care providers, whose services can satisfy the client’s needs.

How is the Complex Home Care Paid For?

The conditions of payment for services are set in the contract between a client and CHC Ezra and follow the current valid price list, under conditions stipulated by law.

Health Care indicated by an attending physician is covered by a health insurance company; the non-indicated care is paid according to the point values given in the List of Medical Treatments.

Social Care is provided according to the valid Price List of services offered.

On the financing of the Complex Home Care Ezra participate:

• The Jewish Community of Prague

• The Foundation for Holocaust Victims

• Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

• Ministry of Health

• The Magistrate of the City of Prague

• Claims Conference

How and when can you contact the CHC Ezra?

The Coordination Centre of CHC Ezra – Prague 3, Izraelská 1:

weekdays 8 AM - 4 PM: outside these hours, please leave your message on the answering machine.

Phone, answering machine, fax: 272 738 332

Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Information on the JCP website: www.kehilaprag.cz


CHC Ezra Location: Take the Metro to station Želivského and exit in the direction of the Jewish Cemeteries. CHC Ezra resides in the low, white building to the left, the second entrance behind the New Jewish Cemetery reception desk.

When You leave a message on our answering machine, please, tell your name and phone number so that we can call you back.